The Road Back From Abusing Illegal Substances

Written by admin on October 26, 2020 in substance abuse treatment louisville with no comments.

Illegal substances are illegal for a reason.  It isn’t that that states aren’t making money off them or that there is a huge conspiracy over them.  The truth is that these substances ruin lives and those lives aren’t just one or two, they are hundreds.  For this reason, substance abuse treatment louisville is greatly needed to be completed.

Admitting you have a problem

There is going to be no success if you don’t admit that you first have a problem.  When we admit that we have a problem we are starting to break down the walls that have kept us locked away from the world for so long.  When we admit that we have a problem and are ready to make a change, then change will happen.

Don’t blame

You can’t blame others for your actions.  As adults we are responsible for our own actions and the inactions that we choose to do.  If we blame someone else for something that we wanted or for something that happened to us, then we are no better than the substances we are trying to escape from.  When we blame others, we are looking for an excuse to justify our own actions.  This for the most part leads us to justify other aspects of our lives which in turn keeps us doing the same things over and over again.

Find a partner

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One good thing that you can do is find a partner or other accountability person.  When we find someone that we can communicate with and go to when times get hard, then we are more likely stay the course and accomplish our goals.

Set reasonable goals

When we are fighting substances, we will tend to give ourselves sabotaging goals.  We will say that we can beat this in a week, or I can do it cold turkey.  It is thinking like this that will send us right back down the path of addiction and dependency.