Who Goes To This Home

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nursing home mar

Home is where the heart is. And of course, most folks look forward to it, particularly after a long, hard and honest day’s work. It is a place to shelter and rejuvenate. It is a place to live and do many of the things that are closest to the heart. But as the years roll by, no matter how much experience has been gathered from life, it becomes a lot harder to stay at home. This is what happens to the community’s elderly. And it may well come to the point that some of them will have to get used to the nursing home mar environment.

This is going to be their permanent home from now on. This is a time when close-knit families really have to stand together. Because all of this represents something of a major paradigm shift. If the elderly person is still of sound mind, he or she still needs to adjust to the new living environment. He or she also needs to become accustomed to someone else helping him or her from now on. And in many cases, it goes as far as getting up in the morning, bathing and feeding. Also try and put yourself in the position of the resident caregiver, never mind the medical superintendent and his able but knowledgeable assistants.

There is just so much to be remembered because of course, we’re talking about more than half a dozen elderly couples at least. Even in this environment, the practice now becomes software-based. There is a more efficient scheduling of day to day caregiving activities, ranging from the proverbial feeding scheme to the more critical matter of dispensing medications accurately and timeously. It is not at all easy to age. Nor is it easy to care.